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We also take pride to export another famous and delicious snack of Malaysia, Apollo Chocolate Wafers and Apollo Cake. Apollo is a premier chocolate confectionary products and layer cake manufacturer in Malaysia and the strength of the brand lies in quality and innovation. Moving ahead with our focused approach to serve clients with best quality products, we make available variety of flavors of Apollo cake and wafers.

Apollo Stick Wafer Strawberry - 1042 Apollo Stick Wafer Chocolate - 1044 Apollo Stick Wafer Hazelnut - 1045 Apollo Stick Wafer Pandan - 1047
Apollo Stick Wafer Blueberry - 1049 Apollo Chocolate Wafer Bar Checker - 1788 Apollo Chocolate Wafer Bar Checker - 1777 Apollo Chocolate Wafer Bar Checker - 1711
Apollo Chocolate Wafer Bar Checker - 1799 Apollo Chocolate Wafer Ball Roka - 1070 Apollo Chocolate Wafer Bar Bubbles - 1088 Apollo Chocolate Peanut Bar Roka - 1080
Apollo Chocolate Peanuts - 1024 Apollo Layer Cake Chocolate - 3020 Apollo Layer Cake Pandan- 3030 Apollo Layer Cake Cocoa - 3040
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