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Apollo Wafers are very popular snack in Malaysia as they have much to offer. These are relatively low in fat, crisp and crunchy, appealing chocolate flavor and can be stored for long. Apollo chocolate wafer products are prepared in world-class manufacturing machinery from Europe. We, at Han Yaw, export almost all flavors of Apollo Wafers, one of the Malaysia’s top brands for snacks.

We export Apollo Crush Chocolate Coated Wafer, Milk Coated Wafer, Creamed Chocolate Wafer, Milk Wafer Cream, Strawberry Cream Filled Wafer and to name a few.

Apollo Banana Layer Cake Apollo Strawberry Layer Cake Apollo Layer Cake Kaya Apollo Blueberry Layer Cake
Apollo Layer Cake Banana - 3050 Apollo Layer Cake Strawberry - 3060 Apollo Layer Cake Kaya - 3070 Apollo Layer Cake Blueberry - 3080
Apollo Layer Cake Coffee Apollo Crush Milk Coated Wafer Apollo Cruch Chocolate Coated Wafer Apollo Volcanoes
Apollo Layer Cake Coffee - 3090 Apollo Crush Milk Coated Wafer - 1388 Apollo Crush Chocolate Coated Wafer - 1366 Apollo Volcanoes - 1800
Apollo Boy Boy Creamed Milk Wafer Apollo Boy Boy Creamed Chocolate Wafer Apollo Chocolate Creamed Waffle Apollo Chocolate Crisp Snack
Apollo Boy-Boy Creamed Milk Wafer - 1028 Apollo Boy-Boy Creamed Chocolate Wafer - 1035 Apollo Chocolate Creamed Waffle - 1600 Apollo Chocolate Crisp Snack - 1022
Apollo Chocolate Balls Apollo Milk Wafer Cream Apollo Milk Chocolate Wafer Cream Apollo Strawberry Cream Wafer
Apollo Chocolate Ball - 1027 Apollo Milk Wafer Cream - 1010 Apollo Milk Chocolate Wafer Cream - 1011 Apollo Strawberry Cream Filled Wafer - 1015
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